3 Questions to Ask When Creating Your SEO Strategy

While some may say SEO is dead, it is perhaps more accurate to say the SEO world is changing. In this changing world, creating an SEO strategy can be a real struggle for marketers, and updating tactics is becoming more and more necessary. Here are three questions to consider when updating your strategy:

1. Are you focusing on the right KPIs?

When it comes to your marketing efforts, make sure you’re not focusing on the wrong search metrics and KPIs. If you’re only paying attention to your pageviews or bounce rate, you may be missing metrics that show the ROI your SEO campaign is bringing in. Use various metrics to track the overall health of your website, but also make it a priority to track metrics that contribute to your website’s ROI in particular.

2. Are you updating old content?

We mentioned previously that the SEO world is changing, and while creating a bunch of content for search purposes may have been an adequate plan in the past, the accumulation of content can no longer be your only priority. In addition to creating content, make sure your site’s content has been refreshed and is up to date. If content is no longer relevant and can’t be updated to become relevant, remove it.

3. Are you implementing a link-building plan?

Link building continues to be important to SEO strategize, so make sure you have a link-building plan in place. Remember that internal links are really important, so make sure link to related content within your site.