5 Ways to Get Your Subject Line to Stand Out

Even if you’ve fully embraced social media and other digital marketing strategies, chances are that email continues to be an important tool in reaching your target audience. Because your customers are likely receiving dozens upon dozens of email every day, your subject line is key in making your message stand out.

For a better chance of getting your email subject lines noticed, try out the following 5 tips:

1. Include a number

Listicles provide an easy to absorb structure for people reading digital content. When your email subject line reads something like, “5 Newsletters You Should Read Every Morning,” the reader automatically assumes that the content can be read quickly and easy, thus leading to a higher open rate.

2. Use emojisĀ ?

More and more brands are incorporating emoji usage into their subject lines. They’re colorful and eye-catching, and they can definitely help you increase your open rate.

3. Personalize it

Your subject line should show that you really know your audience and what interests and is useful to them. Personalizing an email line used to just mean including the recipient’s name, but consider a different approach that incorporates other personalization options like location or interests.

4. Don’t overdo the exclamation points

Too many exclamation points can actually trigger spam filters, so take it easy on the punctuation mark. Consider a subject line that asks a question or incorporates an emoji ?

5. Keep it short

To avoid getting the full message in your subject line cut off by an email service provider, keep it short. Remember, space is even more limited on mobile devices. A good rule of thumb is to keep your subject line message within 40 characters.