Copywriting for Your Mobile Audience

While a mobile-responsive web design has become extremely important, the copy on your site should also be optimized for your mobile audience. You shouldn’t overlook copy when it comes to creating an enhanced user experience for your mobile users. To do this, try implementing the following tips: 1. Start with the most important information Mobile users are not known to … Read More

4 Things Keeping You from Getting More Traffic on Your Blog

If you’ve been working hard on your blog but have yet to see the traffic you think it deserves, there could be a few things holding it back from its full potential. Analyze your blog and make sure you’re not making the following 4 mistakes: 1. You’re not sharing it on social media. If you want to capture a large … Read More

Taking Advantage of Segmentation with Google Analytics

When it comes to analyzing your site’s analytics, a view of all its data at once may not provide you with the most critical insights. For this reason, taking advantage of segmentation in Google Analytics is an important step in your analysis process and will help you better understand your traffic. What is segmentation? Segmentation allows you to look more … Read More

10 Important Definitions to Know before Getting Started with Google Analytics

If you’re new to Google Analytics, you might not be aware of all the important terms the platform makes use of. Getting a better understanding of them before diving into Google Analytics will streamline the process of analyzing your site. These are 10 definitions that are helpful to know before getting started: 1. Attribution: giving credit to conversions and sales. … Read More

Tips for Brainstorming Ideas for Your Content Marketing Plan

Before publishing content, take some time to brainstorm ideas that will help you develop a long-term content strategy. Everyone gets writer’s block at some point, but taking the time to brainstorm topics can help better streamline the content production process. 1. Consider your audience. Topics that you write about will, of course, depend on your business and its customers. Think of … Read More

Maintain a Google-Friendly Website with Google Webmaster Tools

Using Google Webmaster Tools gives you a better understanding of how Google views your web pages. Make the most of these tools to help you create a Google-friendly site, ensuring that the search engine properly understands all of your page’s content. To get started using Google Webmaster Tools, you’ll have to set up a Google account and then visit the … Read More

The Importance of Strategizing Your Online Analytics with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

At a glance, effectively evaluating all the data being collected through various marketing channels can seem overwhelming. Defining and monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) can make this a much smoother process and help you better determine which marketing efforts have been successful and which ones should be adjusted. The efficiency that KPIs provide makes them a crucial factor of an … Read More

Content Marketing: Building Your Team

Content Marketing Team

In today’s world, running a successful business or brand without an online presence is a difficult feat, and the goal of your content marketing efforts should be to make sure this presence supports and helps drive your business’s endeavors. Even the best thought-out marketing plan can be poorly executed when members of a content marketing team are not all on … Read More

An Explanation of SEO for Beginners

If you’re new to the world of SEO, knowing where to start can be quite confusing. This explanation of SEO for beginners post will hopefully make the process to mastering SEO easier for you. 1. What is SEO? Let’s start at square one and answer the most basic question about it. What is SEO exactly? SEO stands for Search Engine … Read More

Using Snapchat to Promote Your Business

While many businesses are already using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to help them market their business, Snapchat tends to be uncharted territory. It could, however, help you target a new demographic while obtaining new traffic, so if you’re ready to join the 100 million daily active users already on Snapchat, here are a few tips: 1. Showcase your company’s personality … Read More