Broadband Freedom

Introducing our new, no contract broadband offer, Broadband Freedom. Stay as long as you want… leave whenever you want…

Our new no contract broadband offer, Broadband Freedom is useful for a consumer who needs flexibility and not to be tied down. While most broadband contracts keep you locked into their deal for 12-24 months, our no contract broadband allows you to keep a rolling monthly agreement instead, starting at just 1 month. This means no long-term commitments and no hefty cancellation fees, the consumer is free from any financial obligations.

With a customer service team based in the UK, it makes switching to no contract, Broadband Freedom extremely easy and in most cases, the customer won’t even need to contact their current provider.

Broadband Freedom is one of the most flexible no contract offers available, with no credit checks and the option to pay weekly, making it easier for the customer to budget and manage their finances.

Who would need this type of flexibility?

  •       Short-Term Renters: It can be particularly beneficial for short term renters who do not want to be locked into a 2-year contract when their lease is only for 6 months and have to face expensive cancellation charges when it’s time for them to move
  •       New Home Buyers:  When someone has just moved into a new home, it can be weeks before they’re able to get someone in to set up the broadband in the home, in the meantime they can sign up for our monthly no contract broadband just until they get settled in.
  •       In Between Deals: When a current broadband contract ends, the provider usually gives the option to re-sign another contract or sometimes go month to month, but at a much higher rate. This is when it is best to shop around and do price comparisons. However, if the customer does not have the time, no contract broadband can step in as a temporary fix until there’s time to figure out where to go next.
  •       Work Travel: Sometimes people may need to travel for work for an extended period of time, having the ability to get a month of Wifi could be beneficial for these types of travel if they’re staying somewhere where internet is not provided.

No contract Broadband Freedom puts the customer in control with a PAYG broadband package, without compromising speed while paying at a competitive rate.