Tips for Creating More Shareable Blog Posts

Traffic to your blog is likely your primary goal when it comes to creating blog posts, but increasing the shares for each post is important too! While, of course, the content of your post is the most important aspect of it, there are certain features that shareable posts tend to have. When creating blog posts, utilize the following tips:

1. Create a catchy headline.

This is the first impression your reader is going to get of your post, and first impressions are extremely important! Readers sometimes even share posts solely based on the content of the headline. That’s right, whether your post gets shared or not could depend solely on this one aspect of your post, so take the time to write something you know your readers will pay attention to!

2. Have a well-structured layout.

The way you present your content is going to affect its readability. Even if the content is great, if it’s not easily readable, it unlikely going to be shared very much. Online readers aren’t known for their patience, so you want to produce great content that’s easy on the eyes. Keep a clean, well-structured format when creating your posts to encourage readers to read your posts and then share and retweet them.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for shares.

If you want to increase the number of shares you’re getting, there’s no harm in asking your readers to help spread the word about your posts! Include a sentence at the end of your post (or on your social media platforms once you’ve shared it) asking the reader to share it.

4. Advertise your posts.

It’s becoming harder and harder to get posts noticed without any advertising. Your audience won’t always come to you; sometimes you have to go to them. Share your post on social media, and consider advertising it through Facebook or Twitter to get it in front of a larger audience.